iBall Wireless Trailer Hitch Camera

Posted: April 17, 2021
iBall Wireless Trailer Hitch Camera
$199 - $299
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The iBall Wireless Trailer Hitch Camera endeavors to ensure your efforts to hitch up your boat, camper, ATV, livestock, horse, or truck trailer go off...say it with me...without a hitch. The 2-piece system consists of a 3.5" LCD color display that plugs into your vehicle's cigarette lighter, and the (rechargeable) battery-powered iBall Hitch Camera that magnetically mounts just above the hitch ball at the back.

Together the camera system provides a complete view of your hitch and trailer so you can line the two up perfectly, on your first try, no need to get in and out of your vehicle, and no need for someone outside guiding you. Similar to the Reel-Quik Hitch, but slightly more hi-tech.

The iBall Wireless Trailer Hitch Camera works with both standard and gooseneck trailers, and comes in 5.8GHz and digital models.

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