FoxxVault Smart License Plate Storage Safe

Posted: April 11, 2018
FoxxVault Smart License Plate Vault
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Like the HitchSafe, the FoxxVault license plate safe is a locked, exterior storage solution for your car, truck, or SUV. But the FoxxVault is a little more tech savvy - "smart," as all the companies love to brag about their gadget children these days - with a dual-locking mechanism you can open and close either manually or via Bluetooth, plus vehicle tracking and remote entry features. The FoxxVault may also have more universal appeal than the HitchSafe, since you won't need a vehicle with a hitch, just one with a license plate, to use it.

Having completed a successful run on Kickstarter at the end of 2017, FoxxVault has now partnered with Backerkit to continue taking pre-orders for the license plate safe, plus help manage the bugaboos that often follow crowdfunding campaigns: making and shipping the promised product.

The FoxxVault looks like a standard license plate frame until you get up close enough to see the keypad running down its side. From here, or via an accompanying FoxxVault app, you'll be able to flip your frame open to reveal the vault inside. It's a 1" x 7" x 3.75" storage cubby for your keys and wallet (say, if you're going hiking or running) or a place to stash a spare vehicle / house key and, like, other stuff you don't want anyone to find.

Beyond a vault for valuables, the FoxxVault frame is also equipped with SMART - Sensors, Monitors, Accelerometers, and Reporting Technologies. So it will work with keyless ignitions and smart keys, plus provide spare key surveillance, tamper detection, accident notification, remote access sharing, and location tracking via the app.

The FoxxVault is a weldless uni-body build, made from a high carbon steel alloy. It has reinforced wall and structural supports, anti-pry lap joints, interior mounted hinges, and shrouded exterior seams to make it stronger than almost anyone trying to break into it. If anyone even realizes you've got a safe installed behind your license plate in the first place.

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