Street-Legal Tumbler Batmobile

Posted: February 28, 2014
Street-Legal Tumbler Batmobile

For a million bucks you'd think they could've gotten a couple shots of this replica Batman Tumbler somewhere nicer than a slab of cracked pavement with weeds growing up through it. And what are those in the background, grain silos? Methane tanks? Eh, no matter I guess. It's still a custom-built Batmobile. That you can drive. On the street. Only 5 have been made worldwide, and now one high-rollin', Internet-trollin' SOB will have the chance to get outta his Tumbler dreams and into his Tumbler car.

Modeled after the Christopher Nolan films' take on Batman's ride, this concept Tumbler has been fitted with an 8-cylinder LS1 engine and a custom-crafted frame, chassis, and drive line. It has an automatic transmission, which I guess is good news if you're the kind of rich person who doesn't know how to drive a stick, or the kind of average male who would prefer not to have to pay too much attention to driving while driving this guaranteed sex machine.

Additional street-legal Batmobile specs include:

  • 4 rear 44" super swamper tires with custom rims. Yes, 4.
  • Custom-cut windows.
  • 2 seats. [3 would have been better....]
  • 5 driver-assist cameras. [Again, remember the average male.]
  • A Double DIN stereo with blue tooth, CD/DVD, and iPod integration, plus worldwide GPS navigation.
  • Twin forward-firing machine guns, a rocket launcher, and front wheels that eject to form the Batpod. And whatever else your imagine comes up with. Crushingly, the Tumbler replica has not been weaponized.
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