Drop Wipes - Bird Poop Removers for Your Car

Posted: September 20, 2019
Drop Wipes - Bird Poop Removers for Your Car
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Drop Wipes know how it goes: another day, another deuce dropped by some a-hole bird on your car hood...windshield...trunk...exact part of the driver's side door handle you have to touch to get in. But help could be just a glove box latch away with Drop Wipes, packs of car wipes designed specifically for bird poop removal. (Better go in the passenger's side to grab them, though, if you got the door handle doo-doo.)

I saw a woman wearing a shirt yesterday that said, "Good Shit Happens." I think it was a piece of Michael Franti merch, and while that's cute and all, it mostly served to remind me that it's mostly just bad shit that happens. And then, as if by magic, I received a box of Drop Wipes, and was all like, Yes. My point exactly. But at least Drop Wipes are trying to do something about the bad shit besides making a T-shirt that claims the opposite. Drop Wipes are here to clean up some of the shit, and then some. Drop Wipes makers say their cloths' natural, patent-pending formula "was scientifically engineered to not only clean but neutralize the acid in bird droppings or anything else containing any form of paint damaging acid."

Drop Wipes are a dual-wipe system consisting of individually wrapped wet cleansing wipes and dry buffing / residue removal wipes. Use the wet Drop first to remove the bird poo - or bug splat, water spot, or dirt and grime - from your car, and then the dry Drop to dry off the spot and clear away smudges. True, using Drop Wipes is going to take more effort than a scrub and a squeegee with the window washer from the gas station, but for those concerned about their car's paint, or everything about their car in general, the dual remover-buffer option should prove to be a more delicate and effective one. And it's a lot less effort than a full car wash.

Drop Wipes are made of soft bamboo that, in addition to being gently on car paint and parts, is also biodegradable and eco-friendly.

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