Car Window Breaker Bracelet

Posted: December 28, 2021
Car Window Breaker Bracelet
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A Car Window Breaker Bracelet. That's a bracelet with a glass breaker charm for busting open car windows. What a great emergency rescue tool for drivers to always have on hand / wrist!

And conversely, what a great break-in tool for car thieves and looters to always have on hand / wrist!

Remember, Car Window Breaker Bracelet, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

For the non-devils out there who see this wearable glass breaker only as the legit emergency tool it was meant to be, the bracelet consisted of an elastic wristband fitted with a tungsten carbide striker bead. To use it, remove the band and wind part of it around your thumb and forefinger. Pull back on the bead, slingshot style, and then release it into a car window. PLINK! CRACK! Mission accomplished.

The Car Window Breaker Bracelet is intended for use on tempered safety glass in a confined space - i.e., the side windows, not the windshields, on most passenger vehicles.

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