Car Seat Eject Button Sticker

Posted: July 27, 2023
Car Seat Eject Button Sticker
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This Car Seat Eject Button Sticker has perfect timing. Made to adhere to any blank space on your vehicle's console, I plan to put the decal right alongside the Fire Missiles Cigarette Lighter Button I stuck to my wife's Mazda last week. ... Which she still has not noticed, but I grow giddy at the thought that someday she will. And now, with the Car Seat Eject Button added to the mix, it will become nothing short of a viral-worthy riot of a prank!

At least to me. She-Ra: Princess of Power will probably just roll her eyes and tell me if the stickers don't come right off, I better get my fingernails and a bottle of Goo Gone ready to work.

The Car Seat Eject Button Sticker comes in white, black, or red colors, and 3 sizes to ensure a perfect fit on the piece of plastic you wish to transform.

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