BAGO - Glovebox Clip to Keep Bags Upright in the Car

Posted: January 09, 2022
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Keep your to-go bags from to-going all over your car with BAGO, an adjustable clip that secures to your glovebox at one end, and a variety of takeout and grocery bags with a metal clamp at the other.

BAGO creator Dan Stevenson got the idea for his glovebox-mounted bag clip while he was sitting at a stoplight, covered in shredded cheese and carnitas. Just kidding. About the runaway taco fillings, that is. But as someone who, like most of us, had experienced many bags of food and supplies either going ass over teakettle off the passenger seat, or just spilling over sideways from the car floor, BAGO seemed like a great solution for keeping them right side up during turns, stops, and accelerations.

Equally important, BAGO lets drivers stop worrying about their bags tipping and dumping out during the ride, so they can stay focused on the road, and not sacrifice a steering hand to holding their burgers and fries upright.

BAGO consists of an anchor piece that latches to the glovebox, the adjustable-length strap, made of seatbelt material, and the metal clamp with rubberized coating. Stevenson is gauging interest in the clip via a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. It runs through January 11, 2022.

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