American Road Patch - Peel & Seal Pothole Repair

Posted: June 04, 2019
American Road Patch - Peel & Seal Pothole Repair

I don't know how well Adfors' American Road Patch works, but I do think a fast, peel & seal method of pothole repair that doesn't require shutting down the affected road while I weave through cones and barricades, and watch a dude turn his sign from "Slow" to "Stop" every time my car gets to him is worth a try.

Adfors describes its American Road Patch as a cost-effective solution that extends the life of road repairs thanks to the waterproof seal it creates when embedded into a roadway. Other road repair methods aren't able to keep water out, which Adfors says is the primary cause of potholes and cracks in the first place. Once a pothole, crack, or utility cut repair is filled, the company says placing an American Road Patch over the work will contain, strengthen, and seal it.

American Road Patch is made of a high-strength fiberglass grid reinforced material that bonds to both asphalt and concrete. Application requires no special trucks or equipment, and once installed the Patch becomes part of the road, resistant to impact from traffic, as well as plows.

American Road Patch is sold in 21' rolls, about 39" wide. In addition to busted up road repairs, you (and by "you" I mostly mean the municipality responsible for the roads you pay for) can also use the peel & seal sheet to hide or cover unused road markers, protect speed bump edges, or fix uneven bridge joints.

If you've got a cracked or pothole-ridden driveway and want to spring for a roll, there is no indication American Road Patch is sold only for commercial use. If your asphalt isn't that bad though, you might test out some Driveway Medic asphalt repair fabric first.

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